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Northern part of Tusney, Pisa is a wonderful land, home of the Pisa university, more specifically known for the great Leaning Tower ringed inside the Piazza dei Miracoli, that has been titled as Field of Miracles, and is been able to list itself among the World Heritage Sites. Cylindrical in shape, Leaning Tower has 8 eight levels to the top, the spiral stairs count up to 256 steps, make an effort to climb and get prized with the panoramic view of the city, this task will end up as a complete fat burn of the thighs.

Next to the Leaning Towers is this imposing building Duomo di Pisa, designed in 16th century Romanesque style, engraved with marbles, statues, open galleries, admiring the artwork of Giambologna, Della Robbia, and other major artists.

Spare some time for the Baptistry, that includes Italy’s largest pulpit, wait for the clock to hit 3, and get lucky to hear the sweet voice chanting, experiencing great acoustics, for few minutes.

The cemetery, Camposanto, large hall, tombs everywhere, on the sides, walls, and at the base, impressive statues, sculptures, will surely fascinate the viewers. The museums, Museo del Opera del Duomo and the Museo delle Sinopie are meant for the art lovers.

Car hire at Pisa, is the appropriate choice to go around, one can go anywhere, grab ample time, sit relax, do anything, desired. A smooth and relaxing journey, fully luxurious, above all economically stable, low cost, affordable by a common man.

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